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Move with the Mayor Challenge

The Move with the Mayor Challenge is a six-city campaign organized by the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention. We ask our residents to take steps to improve their health by walking for 30 minutes each day during the month of September. This Challenge shows that even busy people - like the Mayor - make time for their heart health. You can, too.

Did you know that while heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., it is often preventable? Walking is one of the easiest ways to lower one’s chances of heart disease and its risk factors, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. That’s why the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention is working with mayors across the country to host the Move with the Mayor Challenge, a World Heart Day-inspired campaign that asks citizens to take literal steps to improve their health by walking during the month of September. Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can significantly re- duce one’s risk for heart disease and stroke. Yet, many Americans do not know that a half hour walk can cut their risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) or find it hard to free up 30 minutes in their busy day to walk.

Coordinated by Healthy West Chicago, Community School District 33 and Team Pineda,

the community can get moving by showing up at the following locations at 8:30 a.m. for registration and pre-walk stretching:
  • Saturday, Sept 2, 2017 – Currier School, 800 Garys Mill Rd
  • Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 - Gary School, 130 East Forest Ave
  • Saturday, Sept 16, 2017 – St. Michael’s Church, 108 Sherman St
  • Saturday, Sept 23, 2017 – Reed-Keppler Park, 201 West National St

Following this four-week walking campaign, participants will be invited to
celebrate World Heart Day on Friday, September 29, 2017.
World Heart Day offers people across the globe the opportunity to take part in the world’s biggest intervention against CVD. World Heart Day was created by the World Heart Federation, a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland committed to reducing premature CVD mortality by 25% by the year 2025. Details of West Chicago’s World Heart Day Celebration will be announced later this summer.

Content contribution by the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention.

We encourage you to continue walking through our beautiful City, parks and forest preserves this summer and enjoy recreating at The ARC Center. Team Pineda will continue the 9:00 am 5K walks every Saturday and Sunday morning starting at various locations. See Team Pineda’s Facebook page for exact start locations.

In 2016 walks were scheduled every Saturday in September with a 1.5 miles walk starting at 9:00 a.m. Each week free pre-walk yoga sessions were offered before the walks. Community members celebrated with healthy snacks, fruit infused water and raffle prizes after each walk.

We partnered with West Chicago School District 33 to invite each student, teacher and administrator to come join us on our journey to increase our physical activity. Mayor Pineda and Healthy West Chicago made an impression.

In total, 598 walkers participated in the four walks during September 2016, for our 1st annual Move With the Mayor Challenge. The Challenge concluded on Thursday September 29th – with a Celebration for World Heart Day. Healthy food, live music, a keynote address from local cardiologist Dr. John Kefer, and prizes were raffled all in honor of this international celebration.

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    1.5 Mile MWTM Walking Routes used in September


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